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Ellie sets up Neeta and Jessie in Hollyoaks


Ellie gets Jessie and Neeta right where she and Marnie want them on Hollyoaks next week! It's innocent, but Mac may not think so

Marnie Nightingale is determined to get back with her ex, Mac, in Hollyoaks and she believes the best way to do that is to split him up from his beautiful wife Neeta.

But she needs accessories to the crime. Step forward daughter Ellie and innocent but lovesick Jessie, who gets a temperature just thinking about Neeta!

Marnie suggests Neeta may be the interior designer that Liam and Jessie need to help update their salon and later a smitten Jessie invites Neeta and Ellie to a party at Grace's flat that evening...


The drinks flow, the chat is funny and Jessie's pleased that Neeta is so comfortable around him.



But underhanded Ellie takes a selfie with a worse-for-wear Neeta asleep in Jessie's embrace. Wonder what she'll do with that?



You just KNOW that's going public. What happens if Mac sees it and jumps to conclusions?

Find out on Hollyoaks, from Monday, July 4 on Channel 4