Soap Awards: Hollyoaks' Amanda Clapham and Sophie Porley on harrowing rape storyline (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks stars Amanda Clapham and Sophie Porley spoke to What's On TV about their characters' harrowing rape ordeals.

Hollyoaks stars Amanda Clapham and Sophie Porley have spoken about the challenges of portraying their characters' rape ordeals.

Viewers were left stunned recently after Holly's on-screen boyfriend Nick Savage demanded sex from her and went ahead despite Holly not giving her consent.

Holly, played by Amanda Clapham, confided in Ellie Nightingale (Sophie Porley) after Ellie also accused Nick of rape - claiming she was too drunk to give consent.

The pair spoke to What's On TV on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards.

Amanda said: "It's been an absolute challenge but it's a great storyline to do. Since I've been there it's probably the biggest thing I have done.

"The response has just been huge, and the message has got across so well from what we can tell."

Sophie added: "I think we're both just really grateful to be involved with this storyline because it means so much to both of us. Our audience is a bit younger than some of the other soaps, and the response we get personally on Twitter and Instagram - people tell us their stories and tell us it's really helped them.

"That's the most touching thing as an actor; for people to be able to relate to something you have gone through and say 'Thank you, you've helped me' - that's the most amazing thing for an actor."