Hollyoaks beauty Kirsty-Leigh Porter reveals her ‘daring streak’

Hollyoaks star Kirsty-Leigh Porter has revealed she is a daredevil off screen, just like her character Leela Lomax.

The blonde beauty, who plays feisty firefighter Leela in the Channel 4 soap, claims she has always been brave.

“I have a daring streak - just like Leela,” says Kirsty-Leigh.

“I’ve done a few bungee jumps and zip wires - I once did one over Old Trafford football ground!

“I’ve also done the bungee ball, which is where you sit in a ball and then you’re flung into the air.

“I don’t get scared, I just love anything adrenalin-fuelled.”

And if she wasn’t an actress, Kirsty-Leigh thinks she could be a firefighter in real life.

“I actually think I might be quite good, because I’ve had a little bit of training,” Kirsty-Leigh added.

“Hollyoaks brought some guys from the fire station to talk me through some procedures.

“They showed me how I need to dress and how all the equipment works, and even the correct way to approach fires and burning buildings. So I’d give it a proper go!”

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