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Hollyoaks' Helen says Frankie's horrified by her cheating! (PHOTOS)

Hollyoaks star Helen Pearson has revealed Frankie Osborne is 'horrified' when she finds herself seduced by toyboy Ziggy Roscoe.

Frankie is set to renew her wedding vows to pub landlord Jack, but then succumbs to the charms of hunky mechanic Ziggy (Fabrizio Santino).

Helen, who got married in real life last month to partner Paul Faulkner, told Inside Soap magazine: "I said to my new husband Paul, 'I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to kiss this boy!' He was very cool about it, though."

The actress revealed Ziggy charms Frankie as a distraction, after he confesses to her he never fixed her car and she is not responsible for running over Lindsey Butterfield.

Helen explained: "She's totally knocked over by Ziggy's charm. At first, she's furious when he tells her he didn't fix her car, because Frankie has taken the blame for running over Lindsey, who later lost her baby.

"But then Ziggy tells her how beautiful she looks, and they end up kissing."

She added: "She'll feel absolutely horrified. And Ziggy is also Ruby's boyfriend, so it's a double betrayal. But once something like this has happened, it's very easy for it to happen again."