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Hollyoaks' Jeremy Sheffield and Nikki Sanderson: 'We had such huge trust in each other' (VIDEO)

Ex Hollyoaks co-stars Jeremy Sheffield and Nikki Sanderson say they would work with each other again in a heartbeat and the trust they had in each other pushed them to greater performances.

Jeremy has just left Hollyoaks when his character Patrick Blake, the abusive ex husband of Nikki's Maxing Maxine, was murdered by granddaughter Nico Blake, bringin his reign of terror over ex wife Maxine to an abrupt halt (although his malign influence lives on from the grave).

Nikki told What's on TV on the red carpet at the NTAs: "No one's going to fill his void. I'm really missing him already. We had such a fantastic three years togather, we had a huge storyline, actually two storylines that have made such an impact."

Jeremy added: "We had such a huge amount of trust in each other, which allowed us to push each other further and further, which made the storylines even better."

Looking back on his time on Hollyoaks, Jeremy said: "I've had an amazing time, surprisingly. There's something about playing a character for that long you just peel off the layers like an onion, you get to know someone deeper and more profoundly than you normally would anywhere else and this character was a very deep, twisted, weird man and it's been a fascinating journey."

So what's next for hum? "A little bit of comedy would be nice. I'm not an arrogant man, I'm an actor, I'm a jobbing actor and I will take whatever comes my way. I'm looking for a challenge."

Watch the interview with Hollyoaks' Jeremy Sheffield and Nikki Sanderson, above."]