'Maxine is in love, she has no idea who Warren is,' says Hollyoaks' Nikki Sanderson

Hollyoaks’ Maxine Blake is asking for trouble, falling for the man who tried to strangle her sister. Only she has no idea who he is, says star Nikki Sanderson

There’s major trouble brewing when Warren Fox and Sienna Bradley team up to frame Maxine Blake for murder in Hollyoaks! Nikki Sanderson reveals all to Soaplife...

Poor Maxine Blake’s got no chance when Warren Fox and Sienna Bradley join forces to frame her for the murder of her one-time husband, Patrick [Jeremy Sheffield]. It doesn’t help that Maxine is in love with Warren, thinking he’s a romantic chap called ‘Mike’, who can’t wait to marry her.

“She’s full of love and happiness,” said Nikki. “She has no idea who Warren really is and, when she finds out, she’ll be furious.”

Why doesn’t Maxine suspect anything regarding 'Mike'? “Don’t forget that when she first came into the village, she and her sister, Mitzeee Minniver [Rachel Shenton], hadn’t spoken for five years, so Maxine had never met Warren [Jamie Lomas]. She’d only heard about him from the stories that Mitzeee told her. Obviously, she knows Warren is very dangerous, that he’s a killer who tried to strangle her sister.”

Doesn’t she wonder why Mike keeps asking about Patrick? “No. She thinks his concern is coming from a good place. She believes Mike can see something is burdening Maxine and he wants to help her. He chips away at her and keeps asking questions. She believes he’ll help her and make sure there’s no chance that Patrick’s body will ever be found in the wall. She thinks she has an ally and somebody she can trust.”

Then he loses his temper with her… “She accidentally knocks over a wooden box at Mike’s flat and he grabs her. It brings back memories of what happened with abusive Patrick and she backs away immediately. She’s lived with domestic violence once and she isn’t prepared to do it again.”

How does he explain away his nasty streak? “He tells her why the box means so much to him and she believes him.”

Warren then sleeps with Sienna (Anna Passey). What would Maxine say if she knew? “She’d be heartbroken. She’d be upset that she’s been used and angry because it’s Sienna. She’s put herself on the line by getting engaged to Mike so quickly and she’d feel foolish.”

So what does Maxine think when she sees the police heading for the wall? “In that split second, she feels as if her life is over. She isn’t a very strong person, but she’ll fight tooth and nail for her freedom. She has to for daughter Minnie’s sake.”

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