Mercedes fights to keep Lexi and JJ in Hollyoaks

When Mercedes McQueen discovers she could lose Lexi and JJ she takes drastic measures in Hollyoaks. Will they rebound on her?

When Ellie tells Mercedes McQueen that Sandy wants Lexi and JJ to live with her in South Africa, a furious Mercedes is adamant that it's never going to happen.

What has she got planned to keep the kids with her? One thing is certain, she's not going to give them up without a very big fight...

Mercedes decides there's only one thing for it, she's going to flee the country with little Lexi and JJ.

She digs out her passport...

...And decides she needs to move fast.

But Myra and Chelsee are shocked to walk in and discover Mercedes packing her bags.

Will Myra able to convince her that doing a runner is a bad idea?

Or is Mercedes really going to jet off with the youngsters to prevent them from living with Sandy? Watch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 from Monday, November 28