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Emily Symons: 'I prefer Marilyn's comedy stories!'

Emily Symons: 'I prefer Marilyn's comedy stories!'
Emily Symons: 'I prefer Marilyn's comedy stories!' (Image credit: five)

We catch out with Summer Bay favourite Emily Symons (Marilyn) to talk about deadly Danny, her time in the UK and more! How was your recent trip to the UK? Nice to be back? “It was wonderful to be back and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.” When you lived in the UK, did you have any favourite places to visit, shops, restaurants etc? “Without a doubt, hands down Selfridges is my favourite department store in the world. So I loved going back there and buying gifts for family and friends. I love Knightsbridge and used to live in Chelsea so a walk up the King’s Road was very sentimental - it’s nice to see all your all old haunts. I was also able to visit my old hairdresser, Lino, at Daniel Galvin. It was lovely to see everyone was still there. Let’s talk about Marilyn’s doomed relationship with Danny. What was it about Danny that Marilyn took to in the first place? “Marilyn thought he was a charming honest gentleman that had lost his way in life, and needed a friend and for someone to give him a second chance.” Has she had any suspicions that he's not a very nice character at all? "No, he only showed a genuine side to Marilyn, he showed her the side he wanted her to see with great success." In October, we'll see the armed robbery storyline in which Casey shoots Danny! How is Marilyn affected by Danny’s death? “Marilyn is shocked when she is told in the Diner about Danny’s death. Her reaction is one of total disbelief, that it couldn’t be him, then the gradual realisation that she has been completely used and deceived by someone she really stuck her neck out for. Marilyn is left with sadness from believing in Danny, but realising everyone else was right.” How does she feel when the Braxton brothers refuse to arrange a funeral for Danny? “Marilyn feels mortified. She is an old-fashioned girl so thinks you cannot deny anyone a funeral or burial. It’s a bit controversial, but she thinks someone has to give Danny a send off and that in the end the boys will benefit from saying goodbye.” This has been darker territory for Marilyn, rather than the light-hearted stuff. Would you like to do more storylines like this? “I love doing the comedy storylines and I think that is a happy place for Marilyn to be.” Home and Away's 25th anniversary is coming up next year. Are there any classic characters from the past who you would love to see return to Summer Bay? “Well, there’s so many! I’d have to say I’d love to see Vinnie (Ryan Kwanten) back - he was so funny. Also, Norman Coburn (stuffy headmaster Donald Fisher) and Kate Ritchie, who played Sally for 20 years. But it’s really hard to single anyone out from such a rich history of the show.” You also starred in Emmerdale between 2001-2008. Do you have a favourite storylines from your time on the soap? “I loved working behind the bar in The Woolpack with Sheree Murphy (Tricia), Mark Charnock (Marlon) and Elizabeth Estensen (Diane), they were very happy days. My other favourite would be the storylines with Alex Carter, who played Jamie.” Where do you like to imagine your character, Louise, is these days? Have you kept in touch with any of your former co-stars? “Louise is now the queen of daytime television in Western Australia! Yes I do, I keep in touch with many of my friends from Emmerdale and I caught up with some of them when I was in England. My dearest friends Charley Webb (Debbie) and Sheree Murphy have been incredibly good to me.” Catch Home and Away (opens in new tab) on Channel 5, weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm

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