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Hercules star Steve Peacocke won't leave Summer Bay for Hollywood (VIDEO)

Home and Away star Steve Peacocke appears in new Hollywood blockbuster Hercules, but told What's on TV he has no plans to turn his back on the Aussie soap.

Steve reveals he plays a soldier called Stephanos in Hercules: "I had some amazing scenes with some pretty amazing actors, some English actors, John Hurt, Ian McShane, Reece Ritchie, Rufus Sewell, some of your finest in film and I got to share a bit of screen time with them, which was amazing."

But his experience on Hercules hasn't turned his head towards Hollywood. In fact, he doesn't see much difference between working on a big-budget spectacular and a soap opera.

"The only difference is film is a lot slower. The quality of Home and Away and something like Hercules is really the same. It's just that you just spend a lot more time on a film like Hercules than you can on something like Home and Away.

"I love film. If they keep giving me time off to do films I can't see why I can't do [films and Home and Away]."

Herclues opens at UK cinemas on Friday, July 25.

Watch the interview with Steve Peacocke: