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Romeo to exit Summer Bay in skin cancer plot

Home and Away star Luke Mitchell has revealed the shocking tragedy set to befall Romeo Smith before he leaves Summer Bay.

The soap hunk - who joined Home and Away in 2009 - is leaving this year and has already filmed his exit scenes.

Now Luke has told TV Week that Romeo will be diagnosed with skin cancer and decides to hide the illness from wife Indi (Samara Weaving) to try and protect her.

Luke revealed: "It knocks him for six. He is completely and utterly stunned. It is huge news that comes out of nowhere."

He added: "Romeo thinks it is absolutely treatable and he will get through it. But it's huge and there are a few different stages, but from the outset, there is just a dark shadow hanging over him."

"He doesn't want to stress Indi out because at this point in time, they're starting a new business and they have so much going on.

"How do you tell the person you are closest to something like that? It is almost impossible."

But Romeo will turn to his father-in-law Sid Walker (Robert Mammone) for support, bringing them closer together.

Luke said: "There is some really fantastic stuff coming up for Romeo and Sid. There is the contrast between the father-in-law and the doctor."

It was recently revealed Luke is moving to Hollywood after being cast in new US show Tomorrow People.