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Does HDHomeRun come with an antenna?

Best answer: Yes, if you buy the HDHomeRun Connect Duo, Quatro, or Extend through Amazon. If not, you will have to purchase one on your own.

Is the antenna bundled? Well...maybe.

The HDHomeRun is a fantastic product that pairs up with an OTA antenna and allows you to send those channels over to your screens of choice. If you already have your antenna then find the HDHomeRun device that fits your needs . SiliconDust has options to take care of the tuners and storage for your DVR built into one unit. Although, if you already have networked storage setup, then you can just pick out the box with the tuners you want and start watching.

If the HDHomeRun Connect Duo, Quatro or Extend happens to be the hardware that best fits your needs and you want to make your purchase through Amazon, it is possible to get an antenna bundled. The antenna you get with these bundle options is an indoor flat antenna. Again, if this will work for you then great! If not, you will need to buy your antenna separately.

Straight from the source.

However, if you don't have an antenna already and you still need an HDHomeRun box, then another route you can go to buy it directly from SiliconDust (the company responsible for HDHomeRun) and their store to get started. Should you do that you will need to purchase your antenna separately. If you are new to OTA (over the air) antennas, be sure to check out our post that can help you out in that department with all the details and differences you should be aware of.

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