Does HDHomeRun Servio come with a hard drive?

Best answer: Yes, the HDHomeRun Servio has 2TB of internal hard drive storage. That's enough storage for 300 hours of TV with built-in DVR.

HDHomeRun Servio and storage

HDHomeRun Servio has 2TB of internal hard drive storage for you to be able to save your favorite shows to watch them later. This gives you enough storage for up to 300 hours of TV shows, which is equal to 150 films or 100 football games for reference. This is a perfect way to add a DVR feature to any of the HDHomeRun boxes you already own.

To use the Servio, all you need is an HDHomeRun tuner as well as the HDHomeRun app to start streaming some live TV. Once everything is all connected, you'll be able to use the Servio to save your shows and store them to enjoy them later. There are no restrictions stated for how long the shows will stay on your Servio, so you'll be able to keep them for as long as you'd like.

What is HDHomeRun?

HDHomeRun is a way to bring live TV right to your devices without having to pay a huge cable bill. Connect it to the antenna to get over-the-air antenna waves which bring live TV into your home. This also connects to your router so it can use your Wi-Fi to connect to your other devices to cast the TV to them.

Not only does HDHomeRun have the Servio for storage, but they also have the tuners that bring the TV shows to your devices. There are several different tuners to choose from depending on what certain specifications you need for your TV usage. Whether it's the number of devices you need to stream on or if you want DVR built into the tuner, they offer something for everybody. Make sure to see the chart that shows all the differences and similarities on SiliconDust's website to choose the best device for your needs.

How do you set up your Servio?

The Servio is rather simple to set up, especially if you've already set up your HDHomeRun tuner. Here's a little step by step to help you get your storage device set up to start saving your favorite shows.

  1. Connect your Servio to your router.
  2. Go to the .
  3. Turn on the DVR service on your Servio.

You are now ready to start recording and saving all of your favorite shows so you can watch them over and over again. This device makes it simple to record shows, and it has enough storage for you to enjoy multiple seasons. You'll never have to worry about missing your shows or sports events ever again now that you have your HDHomeRun Servio.