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Does HDHomeRun work with Apple TV?

Best answer: Yes, you can use HDHomeRun on your Apple TV as long as it is a Gen 4 model, including the 4K as well. (And you'll need a separate app.)

Apple TV and HDHomeRun

If you have an Apple TV and you're thinking about getting HDHomeRun, you're in luck. If you have the 4th Gen or Apple TV 4K model. With these versions, you can stream live TV right to your living room without paying for cable. With the 4th Gen or later models, you can get HD live TV streamed right to your device. You get all the access you could want to DVR as well as HDHomeRun Prime.

This streaming app could add a whole lot more to your Apple TV then the apps you already have. With all those things you can do with your Apple TV, why not add a little more with HDHomeRun?

What is this HDHomeRun?

HDHomeRun is a box that uses an over-the-air antenna to bring live TV without atrocious cable prices. You can enjoy all of the wonderful shows live, as they were meant to be. With network TV as well as the beauty of local channels, you can see them as if you are right there with the show. NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and many more network channels are available through the app, so you'll never have to miss out on your favorite shows.

Whether it's network shows or different channels unique to your area, see what HDHomeRun has to offer you on

What do the boxes offer?

Each box offers different aspects of your live TV enjoyment. Whether it's the HDHomeRun Quatro or something simple like the Connect, they offer a few different points to help make your decision easier. With the Quatro, you can get more device allowance with up to four allowed. The Connect only allows two devices, but it's a smaller and rather simple box.

HDHomeRun has quite a few boxes to choose from, and each of them could have a better aspect for you, depending on what you need. To see the differences between all of the HDHomeRun streaming devices, check out the chart that made on their website.

One sort-of big caveat

There's one catch here. And that's that there's no HDHomeRun app for Apple TV. Instead, you'll need the excellent Channels app for Apple TV . It's an additional expense — the app itself costs $25 if you don't care about DVR and only want live TV. Or if you want even more features, it's an $8-a-month (or $80-a-year) subscription.

Here's how Channels itself describes things:

Subscribers get Live TV, full DVR features, the ability to stream while away from home, and free apps for every platform. Your subscription's first month is free and auto renews each month.