Does HDHomeRun work with Linux?

Best answer: Yes, HDHomeRun does support Linux on supported desktops and laptops. You'll be able to watch live TV right from your device without any set-up hassle.

HDHomeRun and Linux

These two go hand in hand in ways of streaming, so it's a great way to cut the cord from your cable company. With HDHomeRun, you can enjoy live TV on your Linux devices, whether it's a desktop or laptop. You can watch all the shows you love right when they're taking place.

It's very simple to get access to your HDHomeRun after you buy the box to enjoy all your shows. Just purchase the HDHomeRun box, set it up, and then open up My HDHomeRun to run it on your Linux device. Once you get everything synced up and started, you'll be able to watch all the live TV you want and deserve.

What is HDHomeRun?

HDHomeRun is a live TV alternative from cable that allows you to cut ties with those companies to enjoy TV for much cheaper. This box uses over-the-air antenna waves to bring live TV right to your device. There are multiple boxes they offer to bring you the best in live TV and provide the box for your needs.

HDHomeRun has some various boxes they offer for your viewing needs. Whether you need a box for your family with lots of devices (opens in new tab) or maybe you're just looking to connect your phone and TV (opens in new tab) , they have lots of great boxes to offer. Check out the similarities and differences between boxes to see what the best option would be for you.

What channels can I view?

With HDHomeRun, you can view loads of channels that you would find from your local cable providers. From NBC and ABC to PBS and the CW, there are tons of channels depending on what you want to watch. They also offer channels for your particular area so that you can catch the latest in the news right around your home.

To check what channels you can catch on your TV, you can use the websites that SiliconDust has on their FAQ page to see what's available. You can select where you're from based on your country, and use the website by putting in your ZIP code or area code for the antenna waves. This will show which of your favorite local channels are available with the HDHomeRun and you can decide if streaming is right for you.