Is Fubo TV Extra worth it?

Fubo TV

There's such a thing as being paralyzed by choice. Too many channels, too many plans. Too many options. That's not the worst problem to have, of course, and Fubo TV actually keeps things relatively simple. Two plans, two prices, one choice to make.

So let's do some math and ask ourselves a few existential questions: Is Fubo TV Extra worth it?

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Fubo TV vs. Fubo TV Extra

First things first: let's talk pricing. Fubo TV's regular plan gets you more than five dozen channels. (It's actually 61 channels, for those of you who prefer actual numbers.) Fubo TV Extra adds an additional 17 channels. That's another 27 percent more channels! As for the cost — Fubo TV starts at $44.99 a month. And Fubo TV Extra is $49.99 a month. And, by the way, you get $5 off the first month for either plan. (There's a bit of mental agility at work there. To the average brain, $39.99 a month — which is the big number you'll see at first — looks a good bit lower than $44.99 a month. It's still just $5 less, but you get the idea.)

So that's a $5 different between the two plans — or about an 11 percent increase if you bump up to Fubo TV Extra.

Of course life, just like cord-cutting, isn't just about the number of channels you get. (There are those who think otherwise, but those people are wrong.) It's really about what channels you get. So here's a look at the difference in channels between Fubo TV and Fubo TV Extra:

If it were me, it'd come down to exactly what those extra channels comprise. Fubo TV already has a lot going for it. Channels that are important to you might not be important to me. (Though you'd be surprised just how much folks love the Cooking Channel.)

Have another look at the channel listing above. If any of those channels is worth $5 a month to you, go for it. In my house, we'd spring for Fubo Extra because the kids gotta have them some Cooking Channel. In yours? It may be different.

Spend your money wisely.