HDHomerun is currently borked on Amazon Fire TV Cube — here's how to fix it


HDHomerun takes an over-the-air antenna and shares the free feed to nearly any other connected device you own. ($79 at Amazon)

If you've got a shiny (and dusty) new Amazon Fire TV Cube and rely on HDHomerun for your local channels, you might have already noticed that things are a bit ... broken. At least if you try to watch anything other than the first channel that loads. Switching to anything else causes the app to crash, and that's that.

Here's the fix, per Reddit , and confirmed by us:

The diagnostic screen on HDHomerun.

The diagnostic screen on HDHomerun.
  1. Open HDHomerun again and wait for it to load.
  2. Press the play/pause button on the Fire TV Cube voice remote 13 times. Not 12. Not 14. Thirteen times.
  3. You'll now be in the diagnostics settings. Uncheck "Use AC3 passthrough when possible."

And that'll fix things while we wait on the fine folks at Silicon Dust to fix things.