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How many streams does Fubo TV allow?

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Best answer: Fubo TV allows two streams at any a time on its two main plans. You can get up to three streams by adding on the family share option for $6/mo extra. Plus, using your Fubo login on TV channel apps and websites gets you more ways to watch.

Fubo TV ($45+/mo)

Live streaming limitations

Live streaming TV services are growing in popularity because they provide the channels and content many people want without the high prices or hassles of cable TV. The mix of freedom and savings come with some trade offs. The most common limitation is on the number of streams that can be used at the same time.

Subscribers can install the app for their live streaming service, like Fubo TV, on every smart TV, streaming device, smartphone, and tablet they have. However, they can only have a specific number of active live streams on at any one time. How many streams does Fubo TV allow?

Fubo TV allows two streams at a time for subscribers of either their two plans. Both the Fubo plan, at $45 a month, and the Fubo Extra plan, at $50 a month, have the same two stream limitation.

They can upgrade you

If that's not enough for you, Fubo offers the option to upgrade. Choosing the Family Share add-on for $6 a month bumps subscribers up to three streams at a time. Adding this option is easy. If you pay for Fubo TV through iTunes or Roku billing, you'll need to change it on that device. If you pay Fubo directly, you can make the changes on its website.

  1. After logging in on the Fubo website, select My Account.
  2. Choose the Manage Add-Ons option, then click the plus (+) icon next to the Family Share Add-On.
  3. Click Update Subscription, then confirm the change in the box by choosing "Yes, update my subscription".

Another way to stream

Fubo TV also allows subscribers to use their login and password on certain channels apps and websites. This is often called TV Everywhere, and Fubo TV offers this on over 35 channel apps as long as that channel is a part of your package.

Once you authenticate on the app or website by picking Fubo TV as your provider, and use your login and password, you can access the on-demand and streaming content of the app. This does not count as a stream towards the limits listed above.