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How to subscribe to Hulu Live

Hulu Live

So you've decided to cut the cord and save yourself some cash. Good deal. You made the right call. And you've decided to go with Hulu Live as your streaming service of choice. (Or maybe one of several. You do you.)

Now, it's time to subscribe to Hulu Live.

As you'd expect, they've made it fairly easy to do so. You've got a couple options when you register. You can do so through a Facebook account — which is sort of a less-attractive option for a lot of folks these days. If you decide to go with this option, it'll give the folks at Hulu a look at your public Facebook profile, your birthday, your Facebook likes, and your email address.

Or, if you prefer, you can sign up the old fashioned way — with an email address and password. You'll still have to give Hulu things like your email address and birthdate and ZIP code — because the live service ties in to where you live for things like local channels and regional sports.

But it's your call as to which route you want to go. Just hit up the link below to get it done!

Subscribe to Hulu Live!