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How to watch Bundesliga in 2020

Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich after scoring on Union Berlin in October 2019.
(Image credit: Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)

One of the cooler things about television in the 21st Century is that you no longer have to ask "How can I watch the Bundesliga?" The answer is simple — and it doesn't even require you to be on the same continent as the top-flight German football league. (That's soccer, for those who haven't figured it out yet.)

Best Answer: The Bundesliga is available on the ESPN+ streaming service.

That's it. That's the tweet. 

Need more? Read on.

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How to watch the Bundesliga in the United States

Bundesliga, roughly translated, means "national league." It's not quite in the same sense that baseball in the United States has the American League and National league, though the Bundesliga is a division of German soccer. But it's the league. The top level in which you can play in Germany. It's like the Premier League in England. Or Serie A in Italy. Or La Liga in Spain.

(The United States doesn't really have a tiered system like any of those countries, so we don't really have a comparison to Major League Baseball or MLS or the NBA.)

And if you want to watch Bundesliga football (or Bundesliga soccer, if you don't mind mixing things up a tad) in the United States, you'll do so on ESPN+.

ESPN+ has become the go-to service for anyone who loves live sports. There's just not enough room on traditional television for the sheer amount of games being played around the world on any given day or weekend, and that's where streaming comes in.

Without the shackles of "channels," ESPN+ is able to bring you every Bundesliga game on the schedule. Five games playing at the same time? No problem. Ten games in a weekend? It doesn't break a sweat. You can pick and choose what you want to watch, and flip back and forth without any effort whatsoever.

In addition to all the live events — which goes far beyond the Bundesliga and touches pretty much sport you can think of worldwide — ESPN+ also has a smattering of original content and bits and pieces from the terrestrial side of the network. So you can catch up on the latest from the major shows and events you're used to in the United States.

And there's new original content as well, from some of the biggest names in the business, from auto racing to college football, basketball, baseball and more.