How to watch the Disney Channel if you're a cord-cutter

Get your Disney Princess on!

If you ditch your cable subscription, you can still find plenty of content online to fill the void it leaves behind. Pretty much everything, actually. But there are some things that you just can't substitute, and this is especially true of children's content. You can try to put on Nickelodeon shows, but they're going to keep demanding Sofia the First.

Accept no substitutes, and get your Disney Channel on — whether you have a cable subscription or not.

What Disney Channel shows are available on Netflix and Hulu

Disney's shows are extremely popular, so it comes as no surprise that past seasons of recent shows — and some of its most popular past shows — are available for streaming on video subscription services like Netflix and Hulu .

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Header Cell - Column 0 Netflix Hulu
ANT Farm Row 0 - Cell 1 x
Austin & Ally Row 1 - Cell 1 x
Bill Nye the Science Guy x Row 2 - Cell 2
Doc McStuffins Row 3 - Cell 1 x
Doug Row 4 - Cell 1 x
Girl Meets World x Row 5 - Cell 2
Good Luck Charlie Row 6 - Cell 1 x
Gravity Falls Row 7 - Cell 1 x
Handy Manny Row 8 - Cell 1 x
KC Undercover Row 9 - Cell 1 x
Liv & Maddie x Row 10 - Cell 2
Miles From Tomorrowland Row 11 - Cell 1 x
Shadowhunters Row 12 - Cell 1 x
Sofia the First x Row 13 - Cell 2
Star vs. the Forces of Evil Row 14 - Cell 1 x
Tron: Uprising Row 15 - Cell 1 x

True to form, current seasons are reserved for those who subscribe to Disney Channel or buy the season digitally.

Buy or subscribe

The first decision you need to make here depends on how much Disney Channel you need. If you only need one show or two — like Tangled: the Series or DuckTales — then it's probably going to be easier and cheaper to just buy that particular show. Disney Channel shows are sometimes available on DVD, but almost all of them are available on the standard digital stores — Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon offer volumes of most current and recent Disney Channel shows.

Disney Channel on Google Play Movies

If you're buying, pick your retailer carefully. While Disney Movies are part of Movies Anywhere and can follow you from supported platform to supported platform, TV shows are not currently part of Movies Anywhere.

If you're going to be watching a lot of different shows — or Disney Channel is one of a few other channels you're missing — then you should check out a Pretty much all of the streaming subscription services offer Disney Channel except for Philo — which doesn't carry any ABC/ESPN channels. If all you want more than standard Disney Channel, you can also rule out Sling.

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Header Cell - Column 0 PS Vue DirecTV Sling Hulu Live YouTube TV
Disney Channel x x x x x
Disney Junior x x Row 1 - Cell 3 x x
Disney XD x x Row 2 - Cell 3 x x
Freeform x x x x x

See the full CordCutters Channel Matrix

A new choice is coming soon

You could be watching Disney Channel

Disney currently requires you to go through a middleman to get their content but that's going to change soon. The media giant announced back in 2017 that they're launching their own streaming service. This service will feature Disney movies and ABC, Disney Channel, and Marvel shows, including Netflix Original shows like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

While getting yet another standalone subscription for Disney content isn't ideal for some, for Disney addicts like me, it'll be nice to have one place to find all the content that's currently sprawled out across multiple platforms and subscriptions.

Ara Wagoner is a Writer at CordCutters. She's addicted to music and video subscriptions. When she's not writing help and how-to's, she's running around Walt Disney World and singing show tunes. If you see her without headphones, RUN. You can follow her on Twitter at [@arawagco](