Is Hulu available on Android TV?

Best answer: Yes, Hulu is available on Android TV. And it's finally been updated to a full-fledged app with all the features — including live TV.

Two phoenix rising

Hulu offers Cord Cutters a bit of everything. You can choose a huge catalog of the most popular TV shows and movies, or combine it with a live TV streaming service filled with sports, news, and entertainment. It even offers a version of the a la carte TV dream, with access to premium channels like Showtime and HBO on a single bill.

Android TV has grown and evolved in ways similar to Hulu. What began as Google's over-the-top OS for streaming devices morphed into a smart TV OS. Through it all, the NVIDIA Shield TV has been the flagship of Android TV, in the truest sense of the word. Few modern tech devices have the longevity of performance and updates the Shield TV has on Android TV.

And starting in August 2019, Hulu finally has updated its Android TV app with all the features the service can throw at you — and that includes the ability to stream live TV.

All the features, and then some

The reason this is a big deal is that until the update in in August 2019, Hulu had a pretty hamstrung app on Android TV. Sure, it worked for the back catalog. But it was missing all kinds of other features.

The biggest of those was Hulu with Live TV. It's quickly become one of the go-to options for anyone looking to streaming live network shows, thanks in no small part to it being integrated with the rest of Hulu. But the old Android TV didn't have it. it also didn't have other features like support for multiple accounts, or the "My Stuff" section that helps you personalize your Hulu experience.

With this update — which first rolled out in an update to the NVIDIA Shield — the Hulu app on Android TV is now on par with other platforms.

And not a moment too soon.

Roy Delgado is a freelance writer for WhatToWatch. His focus is streaming, specializing on sports. He binge-streams 32 games over the first two days of NCAA March Madness annually. He built his own DVR 15 years ago, and still tinkers to make his media setup its best.