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Why should you buy an Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon Fire TV

So you're considering an Amazon Fire TV as your cord-cutting hardware of choice. Or maybe you just need something less expensive for a secondary display.

In any event, good for you. There's a lot to like here, and more than one reason that the latest-generation Amazon Fire TV should serve you just fine.

Here are but a few reasons we're fans of the Fire TV:

Less-expensive hardware

Amazon Fire TV is one of the more economical pieces of hardware for cord-cutters. It retails for $69.99 , but you often can find it on sale for even less, sometimes as low as about $50.

By comparison, Apple TV or the only Android TV box we recommend — the NVIDIA Shield TV — cost as much as three times as much as the Fire TV.

That dongle life

Look, there are times when a proper set-top box is the way to go — like if you need all the power you can muster, mister — and there are times in which a dongle is gonna do ya. If you're mounting a TV on a wall, say, then maybe you don't want to deal with more cables poking out the back.

The point is, a dongle is a compact solution and keeps things hidden behind the display where they should be.

The quickest way to get to Amazon content

Look, it's not all that hard to install the Amazon Video app on Android TV, Apple TV or Roku. But if you're got an Amazon Fire TV, then you're already there. Because it's Amazon, right?

In fact, when you order a Fire TV from Amazon they'll go ahead and help you by syncing up with your Amazon account. All you have to do is enter your password.

Alexa, Alexa, Alexa

Amazon Fire TV already has Alexa built in. That means you have the full power of the digital assistant built in to the Fire TV remote control.

What can you do with it? Everything. You can search for shows and tell your Fire TV what to play. You can control any connected smart devices. You can even watch feeds from a number of home security cameras. (Which is far more fun than you might think.)

Even easier over-the-air TV

The Amazon Fire TV Recast might have a clunky name, but it's going to make watching — and recording — over-the-air TV easier than it's ever been. It's still very much the same scheme as with an HDHomerun or Tablo box. You'll plug in an over-the-air antenna, hook the Recast box (which is surprisingly large) into your home network, and stream away. It'll work brilliantly with Amazon Fire TV devices, as well as the Amazon Echo Show. The really cute part is that it'll use a Wifi Direct connection between the Recast and Amazon's own devices, taking your network out of play — and presumably improving the stream in the process. If that's not available or if you're watching from outside your home, it'll kick things back over to the usual Wifi network.

Plus it's got a built-in hard drive for recording. You can get a 500GB drive for $229, or a 1TB drive for $279. That's a lot of recorded shows.

While you've been able to watch OTA TV on an Amazon Fire TV for quite some time, Amazon just made it even more compelling.

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