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The Doo Dah Man | Glenn Morshower's fast-talking con-man takes the slow roads to Florida

The Doo Dah Man Will Brittain Glenn Morshower
(Image credit: SKY)

The Doo Dah Man Will Brittain Glenn Morshower

Best known for his supporting parts as foursquare military and intelligence types, such as Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce in seven series of 24, Glenn Morshower gets to play a rare leading role – and a very different kind of character – in this indie road movie set in 1980.

In The Doo Dah Man he’s a smooth-talking con man, newly escaped from an Arizona prison, who takes Will Brittain’s prickly high-school graduate under his wing and teaches him the art of flimflamming as they travel in a stolen car towards the Florida Keys. One is fleeing from the cops; the other is on the run from his unreliable father...

Based on the teenage experiences of co-writer Jack Ballo, the pair’s backroads adventures are fairly low-key (the obligatory car chase is distinctly unexciting), but the surrogate father-son relationship that emerges from their travels proves quietly engaging.

One puzzle remains, however. What the hell is a Catholic nun – whom the pair are touching for money with a typical spot of blarney – doing in a First Lutheran church?

Director Claude Green. 2015. 95 mins.

The Doo Dah Man debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Thursday 16 November.