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Final Recall | Wesley Snipe goes all weird in batty sci-fi horror thriller

Final Recall Wesley Snipes as The Hunter
(Image credit: © 2017 RECALL PRODUCTIONS INC.)

Final Recall Wesley Snipes as The Hunter

They've come to claim what's theirs.

Wesley Snipe appears to be channelling Nicolas Cage at his weirdest with his offbeam, nostril-flaring turn as a scary backwoods hunter in the misbegotten sci-fi horror thriller Final Recall.

Unfortunately, he’s mostly left on the sidelines when a bland bunch of weekending youngsters turn up in his vicinity just as an alien invasion gets underway. This isn’t their first visit. Former abductee Wesley has previously had a close encounter with these extraterrestrials and he’s looking for payback.

That could have been entertaining. Sadly, and bewilderingly, director Mauro Borrelli focuses instead on the young friends’ issues and spats. And these are so deathly dull that the film has exhausted our reserves of patience and goodwill long before we reach the outlandish climax, which sees Borrelli pulling out as many stops as his modest budget will allow.

Certificate 15. Runtime 87 mins. Director Mauro Borrelli

Final Recall (aka The Recall) debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 19 December.