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The Hunter's Prayer | Sam Worthington hunts down a B-movie Mr Big to his Yorkshire lair

The Hunter's Prayer Sam Worthington as Lucas
(Image credit: © 2016 HUNTERS PRAYER LLC / HUN)

The Hunter's Prayer Sam Worthington as Lucas

The modest scope of B-movie action thriller The Hunter's Prayer can be gauged by the fact that its big-time criminal tycoon (played by Downton Abbey’s Allen Leech) has his international headquarters in Leeds. Even so, Terminator 3 director Jonathan Mostow whips up a fair degree of excitement as Sam Worthington’s repentant assassin strives to protect his erstwhile target, Odeya Rush’s 16-year-old Swiss finishing-school girl, from the villain’s lethal minions, dodging bullets and speeding cars as they make their way across Europe towards the bad guy’s baronial lair, ‘Near Harrogate’.

Certificate 15. Runtime 87 mins. Director Jonathan Mostow

The Hunter's Prayer debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 28 December. Available on DVD & Digital from Signature Entertainment.