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McCanick | David Morse's loose cannon Philly cop blows his top. Is Cory Monteith's hustler to blame?

McCanick David Morse
(Image credit: Signature)

McCanick David Morse.

"Tortured anti-hero"

David Morse’s loose-cannon Philadelphia cop McCanick blows his top on his 59th birthday when he learns that the young hustler (the late Cory Monteith from Glee in his last film role) he sent to jail seven years earlier is back on the streets. But just what has lit his fuse?

This gritty crime drama is frustratingly obscure, cutting back and forth between past and present as it drops clues about its tortured anti-hero. But when we finally reach the film’s big reveal the payoff is disappointingly lame.

Certificate 15. Runtime 92 mins. Director Josh C Waller

McCanick debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Tuesday 21 February and is available on Blu-ray & DVD from Signature Entertainment.