Neighbours’ Matt Wilson: ‘Newly engaged Aaron Brennan will be the biggest groomzilla!’

Neighbours Aaron Brennan David Tanaka

Neighbours star Matt Wilson has revealed that Aaron Brennan goes in for a shock proposal… And he wants things all his own way!

Aaron Brennan is in for a shock when he decides to ask boyfriend David Tanaka to marry him, actor Matt Wilson has told Soaplife as things don’t quite go to plan!

What’s the story?

He’s the spontaneous sort is Aaron Brennan. So, when he’s overcome with love while spending a blissful day at the beach with boyfriend David Tanaka, he impulsively decides to ask David to marry him! However, David’s immediate response isn’t exactly the one Aaron’s hoping for.

“David blurts out ‘No, no, no!’ and Aaron wonders if David’s actually rejecting the proposal or even hinting that he doesn’t want to be with him at all,” actor Matt Wilson revealed.

But Aaron’s fears are allayed when David reveals that he’s planning to propose, too!

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Matt Wilson’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: We take it Aaron’s proposal isn’t long in the planning then!

Matt Wilson: “No. It’s a completely spur-of-the-moment thing – in true Aaron-style. It’s a beautiful day at the beach, they’re having a great time and the timing just feels right. David’s protests do worry him for an instant – until David reveals it’s because he’s been planning to propose for a while. So, it’s like a joint proposal really. It’s a really cute scene with quite a few laughs!”

S: Is marriage the next step for ‘Daaron’?

MW: “Absolutely. They’ve come through so much, but their relationship is in the best place it’s ever been now they’re back together. Aaron and David are very happy.”

S: What’s the reaction of family and friends?

MW: “Everyone’s thrilled and very excited. The only person who’s not obviously overjoyed is Mark Brennan. He thinks his brother may regret rushing into things, but that’s just Mark being Mark.”

S: Will there be a big wedding?

MW: “If Aaron has his way, it will be the biggest wedding Ramsay Street’s ever seen. He wants the ‘works’ – and as soon as possible! Typically, David is rather more guarded. He’d prefer to wait a while and to have a smaller, quieter affair that’s less lavish and expensive.”

S: Will Aaron or David win?

MW: “Aaron will if he’s got anything to do with it! He definitely has the potential to turn into the biggest ‘groomzilla’! But Aaron’s going to have to sweet talk David into accepting his ideas – as well as stumping up some money – and make it seem like it’s all David’s idea in the first place!”

S: Is it important this will be Australian TV’s first gay wedding?

MW: “Of course. The same sex marriage act was only passed here at the end of last year and it’s fantastic that Neighbours will be the first show to dramatise a gay wedding.”

S: That’s if the wedding actually happens!

MW: “There are bound to be some ups and downs on the way – this is Erinsborough, after all! But it’s just got to happen and, personally, I couldn’t be happier. There was a time when I thought Aaron and David would never get back together, and I was getting a bit tired of the ‘Will they? Won’t they?’ stuff.”

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