David makes his move on Aaron in Neighbours says Takaya Honda

Neighbours, David Tanaka

David decides the time is right to embrace his sexuality and starts dating. Neighbours’ Takaya Honda tells Soaplife all about it

Finding out that Paul Robinson is his dad has come as a shock for David Tanaka. But it also means he finally feels more able to become the person he really is. “David’s life choices up until now have been built around the fictitious image he had of his father and who this person would want him to be,” Takaya Honda told Soaplife. “But if Paul accepts his sexuality, then David will be able to, too.” So, with this new sense of freedom, David gets closer to Aaron Brennan, and shocks him with a kiss…

What’s David’s relationship with Aaron like at the moment? “There’s been a definite chemistry between the two characters from the beginning. It’s impossible to deny that. But, as it is in real life, timing plays a heavy role when it comes to love and relationships. At this point, I think everyone’s hoping that their timelines can match up. We’ll have to wait and see if anything further will happen.”

Aaron dishes out some relationship advice to David… What is it? “Having helped others come to terms with their sexuality, Aaron tries to help David to really understand who he is and what he wants. I’m not sure he sees Aaron’s help as a good thing, though, but rather a rejection. There seems to be a failure in communication between the two. I’m not sure if they’re both in the right place just yet to come together.”

Does David go ahead and act on Aaron’s advice? “Yes, but the real question is: does David want to?”

Do you think David’s in love? “I’m not sure David’s in a position to be in love with anyone. There’s a long road ahead for him and his love life.”

What happens when David attempts to date a backpacker? “Let’s just say David won’t be going on any adventures with this backpacker any time soon. Some things just aren’t meant to be.”

Would you like to see David in a happy, long-term relationship? “I think everyone would love to see David in a happy relationship. He’s earned it.”

Do you think David and Aaron would be a good couple? “That would be a good thing to happen. Aaron actor Matt Wilson’s a lot of fun to work with and we have a great time together on set. We’re both actors who work hard to make the scenes as good as we can, and the relationship between the two as strong as we can. On a personal level, I’d love to see them get together just so I can work with Matty more. There’s a great trust between the two of us and a great work ethic, and that’s always good.”

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