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Neighbours' Ally Fowler reveals why she can't keep away from Paul Robinson (VIDEO)

Ally Fowler may look familiar to longtime Neighbours fans – she's played the girlfriend of Paul Robinson TWICE, as two different characters 30 years apart.

Ally has just arrived in Erinsborough as Nene Williams, the woman who had a fling with Paul when they were flight attendants together. But she also played another ex of Paul's, Zoe Davies, for a year in 1986.

Despite the passage of time, Ally told What's on TV that she and Stefan Dennis (Paul) still had a shorthand together: "It was lovely to work with him, he's such a great guy, so funny. We went straight back into chatting away and bantering like we always had. It was lovely."

Ally revealed more about why Nene's in town. "I think when she arrives in Erinsborough she's very angry with Paul because he certainly hasn't helped her over the years... and not been much of a father to [their daughter] Amy and certainly not much of a partner to Nene.

"I think there's a desperate need in [Nene] to have family and to experience what having a family would be like and have that support, so in that way she craves Paul's support."

Support which, knowing Paul Robinson, will never materialise.

"He's a little bit manipulative," said Ally. "I don't know you can necessarily trust what he says and he's using me, I guess, for his own gain. That's what unfold, that's the storyline that unfolds."

Watch Nene's storyline continue on Neighbours, Channel 5, at 6.30pm weeknights.

Watch the full interview with Ally Fowler, above.