Neighbours star Stefan Dennis says, ‘Hey Corrie, I’m ready for a role on the Street’

If Stefan Dennis had his way, he would be relocating from Ramsay Street to Coronation Street.

The Neighbours star - who plays Mr Mean Guy Paul Robinson in the Australian soap - is open to the idea of ditching life Down Under and heading to the UK if Corrie bosses were to offer him a part.

“If my manager told me there was a role in the UK, I'd say, ‘I’m ready, I'm here. Hey, Coronation Street, I'll do that’,” Stefan told the Mirror.

But the 57-year-old actor has admitted that he would prefer a part that is completely different to his nasty alter-ego in Neighbours.

“I don't particularly want to play a nice character but if it was an ongoing show I would want to play something that is vastly different to Paul,” Stefan said.

“But I always say to my agent, ‘Put me up for something but please don't put me up for another Paul Robinson character, make sure it's something wildly different’. I always maintain that the day I get cast as a crippled 80-year-old woman in a wheelchair is the day that I’ve made it.”

And, although he’s spent most of his life in Australia, Stefan - who came to the UK during his 11-year hiatus from Neighbours - believes he would have no trouble picking up the Northern accent if he were to score a gig in Corrie.

“My dad was English,” Stefan added, “and we were always brought up to speak quite well. With acting, as well, you learn to speak properly. Sometimes when I get bit lazy and a bit tired I get a bit more Australian, I think. But I'm an actor so I can turn on any accent.”

Neighbours continues on Channel 5