Neighbours stars want romance for Lauren and Brad

Neighbours stars Kip Gamblin and Kate Kendall have revealed they would like their characters to reunite officially on the love front.

Kip’s character Brad Willis and Lauren Turner, played by Kate, shared a romantic history together in the 1990s, until their affair was exposed on Brad’s wedding day, and after returning back to Ramsay Street, appear to be getting closer and closer, even spending the night together while Brad’s wife Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is away.

Brad comforts Lauren in Neighbours

Brad comforts Lauren (Channel 5)

“I think there is a chance Brad could get back with Lauren. It’s going to be quite destructive in a lot of ways for both families. Lauren and Brad are friends from way back, and I think there’s a connection that is ongoing,” Kip explained.

“The more Lauren and Brad are near one another, the stronger they seem to get along. It can be difficult with Terese because she’s obviously mistrusting of Lauren. It causes some tension that he spends a lot of time with Lauren, because of their long-lost daughter Paige.”

The 40-year-old actor said: “There’s this flame with Lauren that is undeniable, and that draws him to her. To deny that is to go against who he is. I think he really needs to think about what he wants.

“He’s a good soul at heart, and he has every ambition to be a good father to his kids, a good husband to his wife and a great friend to Lauren and support her family.”

Kate Kendall and Kip Gamblin as Neighbours' Lauren and Brad

Kate Kendall and Kip Gamblin as Lauren and Brad (Channel 5)

The pair have become close following the death of Lauren’s husband Matt.

“In his last breath, Matt told Brad to take care of Lauren and Brad takes that very seriously. Brad is quite an honourable bloke so he feels he really wants to be there for Lauren and her family, so he really is going out of his way to do that, but that pushes him closer to Lauren as well,” he said.

Kate told Inside Soap she hopes the couple will get back together properly.

“As soon as the Willis family moved into Ramsay Street opposite the Turners, I thought there was a lot of potential and so many different storylines we could explore,” the 41-year-old actress said. “Something is bound to happen between Lauren and Brad – it would be a bit mad if it didn’t!”

Neighbours is on Channel 5, weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.00pm.

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