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'We've filmed a massive storyline which will rival the fire!' reveals Neighbours' Alan Fletcher (VIDEO)

As Neighbours take a break, and leaves us hanging with loads of Christmas cliffhangers, Alan Fletcher, who has played Dr Karl Kennedy for over 20 years, popped over to the UK to give us a sneak preview of what's happening in Erinsborough in 2016.

"We've been filming a massive storyline which will rival the fire at Erinsborough High," revealed Alan. "It's incredibly emotional. It's a series of episodes which deal with having to make an agonising choice. I think the audience will love that and really relate. It should air around March."

And when Neighbours returns in the New Year, for the first time ever, episodes will air on the same day in both Australia and the UK.

"It's the most fantastic thing to happen," said Alan. "Now we can involve fans in both countries simultaneously on social media, it takes all the spoilers out of it and we're really excited about it."

Check out our video chat with Alan, in which he reveals what he'd buy co-star Jackie Woodburne (Susan) for Christmas, tells us some trivia about famous former co-star Jesse Spencer (Billy), has a very special Christmas message for What's On TV fans.

Watch the interview with Neighbours' Alan Fletcher, above. "]

*Watch Neighbours on Channel 5, weekdays at 1.35pm and 6.00pm. The season finale screens on Friday, December 18. Neighbours returns on Monday, January 4. For the first time ever, the nation's favourite Australian soap will be broadcast on the same day in both the UK and Oz!