Brad and Tyler clash in Neighbours

Protective Brad takes a swing at Tyler when he finds him with Piper...

Earlier in the week Terese is furious to catch Piper and Tyler kissing in her living room. A heated showdown ensues between mother and daughter and Tyler is booted out of the house.

However the young lovers are like magnets…you just can't keep them apart!

Piper's desperate to get her mum and dad onside and even organises a special meal so they can all sit around and discuses the relationship like adults  but when that ends up turning into yet another  slanging match she's at her wits end.

Determined to carry on seeing Tyler she defies her parents wishes. But what will her angry dad do when he catches them together? ...

A raging Brad lunges at Tyler after finding him cosying up with Piper….

Earlier on, Tyler and Piper are snuggled up together in Terese's sun room.

But their moment of bliss is shattered when Brad comes barging in.

The protective dad is furious to see the couple together after everything he and Terese have said.

Brad is adamant the mechanic is too old for his little girl and not good enough to be dating her.

As a heated showdown takes place between the two men things get physical.

Brad tries to lunge at Tyler but is pulled back.

As he vents his rage, Tyler, who used to get beaten up by his own father, is really shaken.

Brad's violent outburst also shocks Piper who comes to a big decision. Sick of her parents interference she decides she and Tyler should leave Erinsborough! As Piper and Tyler pack their things and go on the run, have Brad and Terese just lost their little girl? Watch Neighbours on Channel 5 from Monday 9 January.