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A SICKENING shock is heading for THIS Home and Away legend today

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There's a shock twist on the cards as Irene Roberts' court case gets under way...

A terrifying turn of events leaves Home and Away favourite Irene Roberts in bits today as her court case for attacking Tommy begins.

Ever since she rescued Bella Nixon from being attacked by online groomer Tommy, Irene has been living in fear that she will be thrown into jail after hitting him over the head with a weapon.

But while she was lashing out because of past events that were haunting her, it remains to be seen of the court will vote in her favour.

Home and Away, Irene Roberts

Irene has been to hell and back over the last few weeks (Picture: Channel 5)

Thankfully Bella has made the tough decision to go and give evidence in court, something that Irene's lawyer thinks will work massively in Irene's favour.

However, as the coutcase gets under way today, Bella undertandly gets cold feet and is late to the hearing.

Home and Away, Irene Roberts

Irene gets the shock. of her life when Tommy arrives in court (Picture: Channel 5)

But while she is pulling herself together enough to be able to give evidence to help Irene, little does she know there is a terrifying turn if events unfolding in the courtroom.

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In a shock twist, the prosecution today bring evil Tommy himself into the courtroom to give evidence against Irene... and with Bella a no show, things aren't looking good for Irene at all.

As she is reduced to a bundle of nerves and anger at seeing Tommy again, she is forced to sit there and hear him lie through his teeth, painting her as the monster and himself as the victim, instead of the other way around.

Home and Away, Tommy

Tommy lies to the court about what happened on the day of Bella's attack (Picture: Channel 5)

But just when it seems all hope is lost for Irene, Bella bravely finds the courage to take to the stand... oblivious to the fact her attacker is sitting right there in court.

As Bella sits down to give evidence, her eyes scan the courtroom and her world comes to a standstill when she sees Tommy there in front of her.

Home and Away, Bella Nixon

Bella is sickened when she comes face-to-face with Tommy again (Picture: Channel 5)

She struggles to compose herself as she tells the judge and jury what happened the day Tommy came into the house and tries to rape her... but she is doing brilliantly and it seems all is going to be okay for Irene after all.

But while Bella is bravely facing what happened, it is all too much for big brother Colby and he lashes out at Tommy as Bella tells the court how he attacked her.

Home and Away, Colby Thorne

There's chaos in court when Tommy tells his version of events on Home and Away (Picture: Channel 5)

As a fuming Colby is dragged from the courtroom, it seems he might have just ruined everything.

Has Colby just sealed Irene's fate and she's now facing spending the future in jail?

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