'And Just Like That' fans are ALL saying the same thing after episode three

And Just Like That
And Just Like That fans can't get enough of episode three. (Image credit: HBO/SKY)

Warning — spoilers for the first three episodes of And Just Like That below! 

After streaming the first two episodes back to back last week, And Just Like That fans have been eagerly waiting for the third installment of the series to drop on HBO Max and Sky Comedy - and it turns out episode three has really got everyone talking.

Following the shaky start to the season where we were re-introduced to Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, catching up with them like old friends after almost 20 years apart, the first episode ended with a shock death that left fans reeling (If you haven't seen episodes one and two yet, stop reading now!). 

And Just Like That

Grieving Carrie is struggling to find her new normal.  (Image credit: Sky)

Episode two saw Carrie struggling to come to terms with Mr Big's sudden death, caused by a post-Pelaton session heart attack. And while the episode, which mainly focused on Carrie's all-consuming grief and John's funeral, was definitely better than the first, fans are saying that episode three is where the new series really gets into its stride.

Fans took to social media to share their joy after watching the third installment...

Episode three is when the show really feels like it has arrived... whether that is because we are getting used to being back in the company of Carrie and co, or whether it has simply got better is anyone's guess, but for the first time in the series, it felt familiar. 

Time has moved on a few weeks for grieving Carrie, and she is navigating her way through life post-Mr Big. Miranda is thrilled to see her friend more together, and Carrie even jokes that she might not be eating again yet or sleeping, but she has managed to wash her hair. 

However, there is another shock heading for Carrie at John's will reading that leaves her blindsided. After all the donations to various charities have been read out, Carrie is stunned to discover her husband has left $1 million to his ex-wife, Natasha. 

Sex and the City fans will remember that things are messy between Carrie and Natasha, having spent decades as love rivals, so Natasha's name throws Carrie off track and she soon starts to wonder how many other secrets Big was keeping from her. 

After some serious middle-of-the-night online stalking, Carrie decides to track Natasha down at work. After being told that Natasha is in Rome by her assistant (which we all know is a lie because we saw her arriving at the office) Carrie eventually gets her chance to confront Natasha after an awkward meet in a trendy coffee shop. 

And Just Like That

Miranda and Charlotte have been by Carrie's side since Big's death.  (Image credit: HBO/SKY)

Seeing Carrie consumed with self-doubt over Big felt like old times, and while Charlotte and Miranda's stories are moving forward (think teenage daughter drama for Charlotte and an infatuation with Che for Miranda) Carrie's story is taking a pause for now.

Not only is she single in the Big Apple once again, but she also shirked her lavish apartment that is being haunted with memories of Big and instead walked to her old apartment at the end of the episode... "And just like that... I went home."

With seven more episodes still to go in the series, Carrie has plenty of time to see what life without Mr big feels like, but in the meantime, we have got questions. Will Carrie move back to her old apartment permanently? Will Charlotte confront Miranda about her drinking? And what will happen between Miranda and Che? We can't wait for episode four!

You can stream episodes 1 - 3 of And Just Like That on HBO Max in the US and Sky Comedy/NOW in the UK - see our guide for more information. 

Episode four will be available to stream from midnight on Thursday, Dec. 23. 

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