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'And Just Like That' fans 'can't cope' after emotional second episode

And Just Like That - Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie is facing her biggest challenge yet. (Image credit: Sky)

WARNING - spoilers ahead for both episodes one and two of And Just Like That. 

And Just Like That fans might only be two episodes into the new season, but emotions are still running high after that bombshell at the end of the first installment. 

For those of you who haven't seen episode one and don't what the twist ruined, stop reading now! 

And Just Like That

'And Just Like That' began with a lighthearted feel, but things soon took a dark turn.  (Image credit: Sky)

If Sex and the City fans were hoping to tune into the sequel And Just Like That for a bit of lighthearted viewing about shopping and nights out on the town, they're going to be bitterly disappointed, because, like the fabulous women that the show is about, this sequel has a much more grown-up feel about it.

While we might still be treated to glimpses of Carrie's fabulous shoe collection and a walk-in wardrobe we could only dream about owning, episode two of And Just Like That has hammered home that things are about to get a lot more serious in Carrie's world.

The entire 45 minutes of the second episode were dedicated entirely to Carrie as she grieved for the love of her life. But as Carrie mourned Mr. Big, fans were there right beside her, also heartbroken over the fact Carrie and Big's love affair was brutally cut short.

And Just Like That Carrie and Big

Carrie and Big looked the picture of happiness in episode one.  (Image credit: Sky)

However, there was one particular moment that left fans in tears, and that is when Carrie realized that the beautiful funeral flowers that had been placed on Big's coffin had been sent by her estranged friend, Samantha — pretty much the only person she would be willing to break her 'no flowers' rule for. 

Fans will know that Kim Cattrall turned down the chance to reprise her role as man-eating PR guru Samantha Jones and, in episode one, it was revealed that she had moved overseas to the UK. But while her absence is certainly felt, fans have been left feeling a little happier after Samantha's olive branch in episode two.

Viewers took to social media to share their heartbreak over Big's demise and the moment Carrie realized the flowers were from her former best friend...

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While the world mourns the loss of Mr. Big, there could be a silver lining in his time on the Sex and the City reboot being short-lived. Carrie has always been a singleton to viewers, having spent the majority of her time in Sex and the City looking for the right man. With the arrival of And Just Like That it was clear immediately that Carrie and Big were still head over heels in love almost 20 years on - but Carrie in a settled relationship wasn't what we're used to. 

With Carrie now given back her single status, could this be a chance to revisit her dating woes we came to know and love over the decades? This is a show that was predominantly about dating after all. 

And Just Like That has marked a turning point for our Sex and the City heroine, and now Carrie is going to have to find a new normal without Big. But, thank goodness, as she moves forward, it will be with her best friends by her side.

The first two episodes of And Just Like That are available to stream now exclusively on HBO Max in the US and Sky Comedy and NOW in the UK. 

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