'Angela Black' fans can't get over TWO baffling moments in episode five

Angela Black episode five - Angela on the phone
The fifth episode of 'Angela Black' has got fans talking. (Image credit: ITV)

ITV psychological thriller, Angela Black, had fans talking last night as the penultimate episode of the series aired. But, it wasn't just the gripping storyline that had everyone chatting on social media, there were also two baffling moments that left fans confused. 

Sunday night's Angela Black installment saw Angela tracking down 'Ed Harrison' whose real name is actually Theo Walters, and finding out that he has been working with her controlling and violent husband, Olivier. 

In a bid to get custody of their kids, Olivier has framed Angela to look like she was having a breakdown, leading the police to tell her that Ed was a figment of her imagination and just the name of the author of a book she had been reading. 

Of course, this was all a bid to get Angela admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and Olivier's plan worked a treat. However, episode five of the series saw Angela reconnecting with an old friend, Gwen, and fighting for her kids, who she can now only see for an hour at a time under supervision. 

Angela Black episode five - Angela with her kids

Angela is currently only allowed to see her sons under supervision.  (Image credit: ITV)

With Angela slowly returning to be the woman she was before Olivier began his coercive control, Angela is determined to work out exactly what happened the night of Halloween, the same night she met Ed.

After doing some digging on Theo, Angela discovered from an ex of his that his car dealership had been burned down, leading to him receiving a massive insurance payout.

However, after getting her hands on Olivier's bank statements and seeing he had bought £90 of petrol on the night that Theo's business went up in flames, Angela worked out that her husband was the one who torched the building in return for Theo turning up in Angela's life and convincing her that Olivier was trying to have her killed.

Angela Black episode five - Ed Harrison

Angela has discovered Ed is actually a man named Theo Walters.  (Image credit: ITV)

But while the episode was packed full of drama, most fans were focused on two things, in particular, that didn't add up. The first baffling scene came when Angela tried to pay for her shopping in the supermarket.

Angela was embarrassed to find Ed had cut her off financially when her credit card didn't work. In the end, she had to put some shopping back as all she had was £25 in her purse. 

Angela Black episode five - Angela at the supermarket

Fans were distracted by the bashed up bananas Angela was planning to buy.  (Image credit: ITV)

However, as she unpacked her shopping to see what she should return, she removed some very bashed up bananas, leaving fans joking about why she was planning to buy them in the first place seeing as they were clearly past their best...

The second confusing moment came when Angela cornered one of Theo's ex-girlfriends in a nail salon, trying to find out more about his past. 

Although the nail technician was surprised to be grilled by a stranger about her ex, she was soon spilling the beans about Theo's financial struggles and leading to Angela working out the truth about what happened on Halloween night. 

Angela Black episode five - Angela gets her nails done

Fans pointed out that Angela's nail technician has skipped a few stages of a manicure.  (Image credit: ITV)

However, fans were less interested in what Theo's ex had to say and were more worried about the fact she was doing a manicure without any nail preparation, filing, or using a base or topcoat...

By the end of the episode last night, viewers were left reassured that Angela isn't going to go down without a fight, especially now she has a friend on her side and someone to talk to. 

But with only one episode left, can Angela find the proof that she desperately needs to show the police what Olivier and Theo have been doing? With the CCTV footage gone from the petrol station, where else can she dig up dirt on her ex-husband and win her kids back? 

The final episode of Angela Black airs Sunday Nov. 14 at 9pm on ITV. 

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