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As Joe Swash breaks a shoulder bone, is this the last Jump?

(Image credit: Matt Crossick)

Former EastEnders (opens in new tab) star Joe Swash (opens in new tab) had only just been cleared to play a part in The Jump when he broke a bone in his shoulder during training.

Joe, 34, was drafted in to replace Beth Tweddle (opens in new tab), who is just getting back on her feet after surgery on her neck to repair two damaged vertebrae.

Joe tweeted a picture of his shoulder strapped up with the words: “I broke a bone in my shoulder that’s a good start!!!! #jump2016”

And now Channel 4 looks set to axe The Jump after this series due to the show’s disastrous accident toll, reports the Mirror.

“This year has been riddle with accidents – it has been one disaster after another,” says an insider.

“It’s just become a bit of a shambles with everything that’s gone on – injuries, huge insurance costs and the constant headache of replacing contestants.”

Linford Christie (opens in new tab), Rebecca Adlington, (opens in new tab) Tina Hobley (opens in new tab), Sid Owen (opens in new tab) and Mark-Francis Vandelli (opens in new tab) have also exited the show due to injury.

Extra safety measures have now been brought in on the set of the reality winter sports show in Austria, which still has five episodes to go.

Joe is expected to compete tonight, with a spokesman saying: “He was checked over by medics and has been cleared to take part.”

But Miss Great Britain Zara Holland (opens in new tab), who was also flown out to Austria as a replacement contestant for Beth Tweddle, will not be competing.

After assessing her skills, bosses feared she wasn’t up to scratch and didn’t want her to end up in hospital, too.

“All competitors know they must meet a required standard and sadly Zara did not meet this standard,” says a spokesman for Channel 4.

“I’m sporty, so the show really appealed to me, but I respect the decision,” Zara says.

The Jump (opens in new tab), Channel 4, Sunday, February 14, 7.30pm