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Bailey’s attacked again when Belle says she’s pregnant, reveals Emmerdale’s Jane Cox

The Dingles, Doctor Bailey, Belle Dingle
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Dr Bailey is targeted again by Cain when Belle blurts out that she's pregnant in a bid to save their relationship in Emmerdale, says star Jane Cox

Lisa’s lost her cheating husband in Emmerdale… and now she thinks her daughter, Belle, is pregnant by married Doctor Bailey! Jane Cox has the story for Soaplife…

How does Lisa (Jane) take Belle’s pregnancy news? “It’s a huge shock. It gets even worse when Belle [Eden Taylor-Draper] announces she’s moving to Romania with Bailey. Zak and Cain [Jeff Hordley] both want to kill Dr Bailey, but Lisa’s more concerned about Belle. She knows Bailey has been suspended and thinks he deserves it. Belle was a vulnerable patient.”

How does Lisa find out Belle’s pregnant? “Belle comes out with it when they’re standing outside The Woolpack. The Dingles see Belle sneaking off with Bailey [Micah Balfour], and Charity [Emma Atkins] and Zak attack him. Belle shouts for them to stop and lies that she’s pregnant.”

And she tells them she’s moving to Romania with Bailey! “Lisa’s terrified of losing her daughter. She’s determined to come up with a way of keeping Belle at home.”

Does Lisa blame herself for what has happened? “Partly, because she and Zak splitting up has been hard for Belle.”

Does Lisa still want to be with Zak? “She does care for Zak [Steve Halliwell], but she’s determined to get on with her own life. She’s gradually getting stronger. I’d like Lisa and Zak to reunite. But, on the other hand, I do enjoy the fact I’ve got to work with other people like John McArdle, who plays Ronnie.”

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