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Benidorm star Perry Benson: My FA Cup final nightmare!

Arsenal fan Perry Benson has a big problem this Saturday when his team play in the FA Cup Final against Hull City – he's scheduled to be filming on Benidorm just as the teams kick off!

Perry, who stars as holidaymaker Clive Dyke in the ITV comedy, told What's on TV in Spain this week: "It's a bit of a nightmare. The match is on right when I'm filming some of my scenes, so it's going to be a bit tricky to watch it all. I'm thinking of ways to see some of it though, and the best option I reckon is to try to watch on my iPhone when I'm between takes...

"Danny Walters, who plays my on-screen son Tiger, is also a big Arsenal fan, so we'll probably both be in the same boat. I'm just glad we can face this football nightmare together.

"I'm not usually one to make football predictions, but I'm quietly confident we can win the cup!"

The seventh series of Benidorm is currently filming in Spain and will be shown next year.