Brendan O'Carroll: My transformation to Mrs Brown takes five minutes

Brendan O'Carroll has revealed it takes him just five minutes to transform into Mrs Brown.

The Irish comedian is bringing his hit character Agnes Brown to the big screen in Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, and joked he must be halfway to being an old woman, because getting into character is so easy.

Brendan insisted: "It's not that difficult. I remember when Robin Williams made Mrs Doubtfire, they were talking about three hours of make up etc, etc.

"I don't know what it is - maybe I'm halfway there to being an old woman, but it doesn't take me that long.

"It takes me about five minutes - body suit on, foundation on, colour in the mole and bob's your auntie - there's Mrs Brown."

He added that Mrs Brown's slippers are his secret ingredient.

"I used to say when the slippers go on her walk changed, because her hip was bad. But when the slippers go on even her voice changed - you can hear it in the slippers."

Meanwhile, the film hasn't even opened in cinemas yet and two spin-off movies are already in the works, including one about Mrs Brown's gay son Rory and his husband. The other planned film would centre on a character set to be introduced in Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie - Mr Wang.

Originally intended to be played by Burt Kwouk - Cato in the Pink Panther movies - the 83-year-old veteran actor was forced to pull out due to illness, leaving 58-year-old Irish actor Brendan to take on the role himself.

He told The Sun: "If you are going to take the p*** out of a Chinese person, then you have to have someone Chinese.

"So I thought: 'I'll play the part of a guy who wants to be Chinese, who thinks he's Chinese, dresses like he's Chinese but all he does is deliver Chinese. And out of all that came Mr Wang."

The movie would be set in Mr Wang's Detective Agency with Mrs Brown's sons Buster and Dermot working for him.

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie opens in the UK on Friday, June 27.


Patrick McLennan

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