Britain's Got Talent Golden Buzzer Acts: 'Simon Cowell knows music, so when he hit the buzzer, I was floored.'

BGT Tim and Jack
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After weeks of auditions, the competition heats up as Britain's Got Talent goes LIVE. As the final 40 compete for your votes, all eyes will be on the coveted Golden Buzzer acts. Here, they tell us what's in store...

As the Britain’s Got Talent live semi-finals begin this week, we shine the spotlight on this year’s five Golden Buzzer acts…

Up to now, the Britain's Got Talent hopefuls have only had to impress judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon. But, over five nights this week, following the final audition show on Saturday, they’ll be competing for YOUR votes!

The cream of the crop are, of course, the five Golden Buzzer acts, chosen by each of the judges and hosts Ant & Dec. Here, they all tease what's in store for the semis…

Tim Goodacre & Jack

The father-and-son duo impressed Simon with their original song The Lucky Ones...

Tim and Jack inset image

So, Tim, how does it feel to be through to the live shows?

"It's very surreal. All I remember about the Golden Buzzer moment was getting to the end of the song, looking at Jack and hoping I hadn’t let him down. Simon knows music, he’s the master, so when he hit the buzzer, I was floored."

Jack appeared on The Voice Kids last year. What made you want to do BGT as well?

"Jack’s not a stage school kid; all he’s ever done is busked and played with me at home. The Voice Kids was just him ‘having a go’. People have been critical, saying: ‘He’s done this, he’s done that’ but Jack recently said to me: ‘If you want to be in the Olympics, you have to go for the Commonwealth Games first.’ BGT is the Olympics to Jack. It’s the biggie."

What teasers can you give us about your semi-final performance?

"It’s all original material, we won’t do a cover version. This is Jack’s chance to be seen as the all-round talent he is and to be able to play our own music. The public vote is scary; you can’t please all of the people, all of the time. Jack and I are just going to make sure we can do all we can."

Would you say Jack’s the driving force of the duo?

"Yeah absolutely. As you grow up, you get 'grown-ups doubt' yet children have this incredible ability to live life day by day and it’s nice to feed off. Jack literally has no fear – he’ll give anything a go. And if he’s as passionate about something like he is music, playing guitar and singing then the future’s bright for him. There’s no holding him back."

Gruffydd Wyn Roberts

The 22-year-old's stunning rendition of Nessun Dorma had Amanda going for gold...

BGT Gruffydd

"I’m excited and quite nervous at the same time about the live shows," says Gruffydd. "Nessun Dorma is a big song but I’m confident the song I’ve got up my sleeve for the semis is going to better that! I work as a theatre assistant and from a young age I’ve always wanted to perform. Seeing people performing on stage while I’m working convinces me that being on stage is something I’d much rather be doing. At my first audition, Amanda compared me to Paul Potts, which is a massive thing as he won the very first series of BGT. If I’m even half as successful as he is, I’ll be happy."

Donchez Dacres

The 60-year-old and his irresistible 'Wiggle Wine' song soon got David on his feet dancing...

Donchez Dacres

"I'm on Cloud 9 about the live shows and then some. I feared coming onto BGT I’d get slaughtered, so to get the Golden Buzzer was wonderful," says Donchez. "I get recognised everywhere I go now, particularly in my day job as an AA man. I went to fix one lady’s car and a little girl came running out of the house to do the ‘Wiggle Wine’ dance. Will my semi-final song be as catchy? All my songs are catchy! I’m not naive about the way things are in the world but happiness is what I promote and bring. If everyone can take a little bit of Donchez and feel happier then my job is done."

Lifford Shillingford

The Noughties’ chart star, 42, won over Alesha with his soulful voice...

BGT Lifford

"I just wanted to get through my first audition, remember all my words and stay in control – Alesha hitting the Golden Buzzer was a bonus," says Lifford. "For my semi-final performance, I’ll be doing things I’ve never done before on stage, so I hope people embrace it. My biggest competition is myself, so I need to stayed focused and not get overwhelmed. When I was battling anxiety in the early Noughties and I saw artists like Craig David getting number ones, I admit I was envious. It’s hard when they’ve got awards on their mantelpiece and I’ve got an over-spilling ashtray on mine. But this is my journey now. Wherever it leads me I’m going to enjoy it."

Marc Spelmann

The magician, 46, touched hosts Ant and Dec with his moving illusion...

Marc Spelmann

"My only aim at the auditions was to dedicate my routine to my wife Tessa and our daughter Isabella after all we’d been through [Tessa was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with Isabella]. So to then get the Golden Buzzer was like a dream; like it wasn’t happening to me," says Marc. "My semi-final performance is very much inspired by something Tessa said to me when she was going through her cancer treatment, which has changed how I live my life. Her courage and strength has made me a better person. In my act I do things that seem impossible or improbable; it seems like magic but it’s not. Real magic is found in your family."

The Britain’s Got Talent live semi-finals start on Monday May 28 at 7.30pm on ITV.

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