Fans are going gaga for Carolyn, Survivor's zany competitor

Carolyn, Survivor, Carolyn Wiger, Survivor 44
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Climbing trees, dodging snakes, digging through poop —Carolyn , Survivor season 44 castaway, has already proven to be quite the TV personality, and fans are loving it. 

The 35-year-old drug counselor from Hugo, Minnesota — whom fellow Survivor season 44 cast member and closest ally Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho accurately describes as "a mix of Goofy and Cher"— was a large focus of the show's second episode, as she discovered one of the coveted keys that unlock a birdcage containing the immunity idol. That is, after she nearly fell out of a tree from sticking her hand in a hole occupied by a snake, of course. (She was, luckily, fine.) "I'm not telling anybody, there's no way," Carolyn says of her discovery. "It was the snake, the snake got me it!" 

Despite having a secret game advantage, Carolyn spent the majority of the episode worrying that she would get caught by her fellow Tika tribemates or, worse, would be forced to use the immunity idol so early in the season because she felt she wasn't gelling with the group and might be considered a target. 

Her worries aren't far off as after the Tika tribe comes last during the immunity challenge, it's clear that several of her teammates are gunning for her. "Carolyn has so much emotion, she is so unfiltered, it's hard to work with someone who's always going to be saying the truth about something," said Helen. 

"Sarah, Carson and I are really on the same page...I think the plan for tonight if I can trust my gut and the people I've surrounded myself with, is to vote out Carolyn," she explained. 

However, Carolyn's allyship with Yam Yam came in handy, as he ran to inform her of the Tika crew's plans. "Carolyn and I have a connection because I really gel with her energy...we're old, crazy people and we're here to play," he said. They tried to rope in Carson to vote out Helen with them, but he was playing both sides, and Carolyn was doubtful of his loyalty. 

An anxious Carolyn broke down in tears during the Tribal Council, which Yam Yam explained to Jeff Probst: "Carolyn is like this all the time, in a good way. Even, like, opening a green papaya and finding out it's ripe, she gets emotional. This is what makes her cool."

Thankfully, the tears turned into happy ones, as Carolyn, Yam Yam and Carson ended up with a majority and voted Helen out. Plus, Carolyn still has her immunity idol, which means her many fans will definitely be seeing more of the loveable oddball this season. 

Fans are loving Carolyn, Survivor 44 standout:

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