Casualty star Neet Mohan: ‘Rash is being made a scapegoat!’

Rash watched Mason at work in the ED in Casualty
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Neet Mohan reveals why Rash sees red and punches Ethan in Casualty...

Junior doctor Rash lives up to his name in this week's Casualty when he sees red and punches senior medic Ethan Hardy square on the nose. Yes, it’s a rash reaction but after weeks of dumping his workload onto the younger medic, Ethan (George Rainsford) crosses a line when he criticises Rash’s grief for his mother…

The pressure in Holby ED has been building for weeks, as acting clinical lead Dylan Keogh (William Beck) and his team of medics struggle to cope with their increasing workloads.

This week the blame game begins in earnest when a patient’s life hangs in the balance. Immediately passing the buck, Ethan accuses Rash of missing something medically important and threatens to launch an investigation. But when Ethan starts getting personal about his mother’s sudden death and break-up with Gem Dean, the young, over-burdened doctor lashes out!

We talked to Neet Mohan, who plays doctor Rash Masum, to get the inside story on this week’s unlikely Casualty clash…

Poor Rash, he’s having a horrible time of it at the moment…

"Isn’t he just? It will be interesting to see what you guys think in a couple of months… You might be saying the complete opposite! Since Rash came back from travelling he’s really quite different. He’s dealing with so many difficult and heart-breaking things, and at times it’s really hard for him."

It’s sad for Rash, but are you enjoying the challenge?

"Yes, Rash’s return storyline after his travelling break means going on a journey with the character. It’s so different to when he first came in and was so fresh and green. His innocence is slightly jaded now…"

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Since Connie’s departure, Dylan’s relying heavily on Ethan, and Ethan’s fobbing his workload onto Rash. Why doesn’t Rash complain?

A very serious looking Dylan in Resus while concerned Rash looks on

Setting the tone. Dylan's bad mood flows downwards in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

"Interestingly that chain of command is really prevalent in this week’s episode. It’s all going downwards! Really responsibility lies with the clinical lead and the buck should stop there… But Rash desperately wants to stay on in his fellowship so he’s willing to take on all this extra pressure. He’s trying his absolute best, but he ends up being made a scapegoat in all of this. That’s why he lashes out and punches his superior."

Punching Ethan is so out of character…

"I agree, who knew he had it in him. There have been huge changes in Rash’s life, and that’s why he acts so out of character here. Ethan is also dealing with the trauma of the explosion at the start of the series and the Effie stuff. Because they’re both dealing with their own tragedies it creates the perfect storm for this very out of character experience."

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Will there be repercussions?

Ethan in ED with Rash behind him

Watch out Ethan! Rash is behind you... (Image credit: BBC)

"There will be repercussions… There’s a fall out. Rash and Ethan are about to go on an interesting journey but I can’t say any more than that for now!"

Did you enjoy filming the punch scene with George?

[Laughing] "It was a lot of fun. A little clip of it may, or may not, have been turned into a gif and circulated. Now whenever George tries to wind me up – which he does a lot! – I ping him the gif to let him know what happened!"

See Rash reach breaking point when Casualty airs on Saturday 26 October at 9.10pm on BBC1.

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