Casualty star Olivia D’Lima reveals the inside story on Fenisha’s life or death ordeal

Fenisha in the forest, moments before she falls down a hill
Fenisha is on a mission to help vulnerable patient Amber, until events take a dangerous twist for the brave Casualty paramedic (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty interview: Olivia D’Lima reveals Casualty secrets, from Fenisha’s baby ordeal to George Rainsford’s dad jokes…

Casualty delivers another edge-of-your-seat episode this Saturday when Fenisha Khatri goes into labour while alone and injured in a forest, leaving mum and baby fighting for their lives.

Casualty star Olivia D’Lima, who plays the pregnant paramedic, called What's on TV for a chat about the action-packed episode. Here Olivia reveals that prior to these dramatic events Fenisha and Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) have an almighty showdown about his decision not to be part of his child’s life!

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The lovely Casualty star also explains exactly how Fenisha ends up at the bottom of a ravine with doctor Ethan Hardy in pursuit, how they managed to film this terrifying episode, and some unexpected Casualty set secrets!

Warning: Contains spoilers for the Casualty episode airing on BBC1, Saturday 13 February 2021 at 8.20pm...

Are you excited Fenisha is finally giving birth?

Olivia D'Lima: "Yes! Everyone is very excited to get this baby out. We call it the elephant baby because I’ve been pregnant on screen for something like 12 months now!"

At this point is Fenisha’s friendship with Ethan Hardy doomed, even though they’re about to become parents?

ODL: "Their relationship isn’t looking great. The friendship they built up during lockdown has crumbled since Ethan found out Fenisha is pregnant. She understands his anger – he thought she’d had a termination – but she’s struggling to understand his lack of interest in the baby and has no idea he has Huntington’s disease…"

Fenisha and Ethan have a big public argument in this week’s Casualty. What happens?

ODL: "Fenisha’s had enough. The pregnancy has become almost like a dirty secret and it shouldn’t be. Ethan doesn’t even want to talk about it. This week he’s judgemental about why she’s still working; her emotions bubble over and she explodes at him in the ED. Ethan’s really angry too and it all comes out. It’s very satisfying!"

How does Fenisha end up alone in a forest?

ODL: "She chases a patient, Amber, into the woods to try to help her. Running around with a giant baby bump isn’t the most sensible thing, and Fenisha ends up falling and rolling down a hill. Fenisha is in shock, but assumes she’ll get back up… only then she gets a sharp pain in her side. Being a paramedic, she knows something isn’t right..."

It’s life and death for Fenisha and the baby. Is there any hope that they'll survive?

ODL: "Thankfully, Fenisha’s got her paramedic bag and puts it to good use. Also, Ethan [using a phone app] finds her. But while coming down the hill, he gets stuck in a metal trap! Fenisha checks her blood pressure and realises something is dangerously wrong… She’s alone and giving birth in the woods. Her birthing plan looked nothing like this – she’s absolutely terrified."

Although it’s a very emotional episode, was it fun to film?

ODL: "It was really fun, but scary, too. I had a rope attached to me and had to run as far as I could before falling back on to a crash mat. So I did that, running to the edge, and then my amazing stunt double rolled down the hill

"George and I always have a laugh when we’re shooting Casualty. I can read his mind and pre-empt his dad jokes. You can tell when one’s formulating. He goes quiet and starts smiling!"

Are there any surprising new elements to working on Casualty under the current restrictions?

ODL: "Absolutely. All the cast are doing our own make up. And with Fenisha I’ve got lots of fake tattoos to put on. I’m right-handed and Fenisha’s tattoos are on that hand, so I’ve to use my left hand to put the tattoos on my fingers. It’s tricky!"

What about filming intimate scenes?

ODL: "When we have an intimate scene and you’re supposed to be speaking quietly but you’re two metres apart, you’ve to make sure the other actor can hear you but try not to project! So there are lots of really specific things but it’s becoming second nature. I think we’re working pretty well considering."

If Fenisha and the baby are okay, would you like to see her and Ethan try to make it work as a family?

ODL: "Yes, I would and I think Fenisha would too. They’re such a nice, odd pairing, which is often the best kind of couple. Fenisha has always been a commitment-phobe but she’s not scared of having a calm life with Ethan. And she brings out his fun side. He needs that! They deserve a happy ending, but whatever happens, happens…"

Find out what happens when this dramatic episode of Casualty airs on BBC1, Saturday 13 February 2021 at 8.20pm

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