Casualty star teases what's next after tonight's massive love shocks!

Faith looking wistful before the crash
It's complicated. Faith weighs up her marriage to Lev and feelings for Dylan Keogh in <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a> (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell reveals the future looks complicated for Faith, husband Lev and love interest Dylan Keogh...

Casualty hasn’t pulled any punches in tonight’s dramatic episode of the medical drama. Quite literally in the case of love rivals Lev Malinovsky and Dylan Keogh!

Eager to know more, we caught up with Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell, who plays nurse Faith Cadogan.

Warning contains spoilers about the Casualty episode that aired on BBC1, Saturday 23 January 2021…

In this nail biting Casualty episode Dylan Keogh and Faith Cadogan were seen battling against time after a lorry careered into the ambulance they were travelling in, instantly killing the drivers of both vehicles.

With no way of calling for help, injured Dylan (William Beck) was powerless to rescue married love-interest Faith. And, despite his best efforts, she began to fade away from deadly internal injuries.

Caught in a hopeless situation Faith and Dylan declared their true feelings and finally uttered the words "I love you" to each other… Only for Faith’s paramedic husband Lev (Uriel Emil) to turn up and rescue his wife!

That would be enough drama for most TV shows, but this is Casualty, so there was more to come… As Faith was rushed into hospital, she asked for Dylan causing the red mist to descend on Lev. Furious, he marched up to Dylan (who knew Dylan’s day could get any worse?) and sucker punched him!

Casualty fans now want to know what happens next.

Will Faith return to her husband, even though she’s devastated Lev cheated on her and may have been lying about his sexuality throughout their marriage? Or will she turn to Dylan, although that means breaking up her family?

Here Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell, who plays nurse Faith Cadogan, tells us more…

What a dramatic Casualty episode! Are you pleased with how it’s turned out?

Kirsty Mitchell: “It was fun to film. As much as it was dramatic and sad and there were tears and snot pouring down my face, it is nice when you get something like that done and you feel you’ve done your best job.”

Casualty have left us on a fantastic cliffhanger…

KM: “Yes, it leaves some suspense and is thrilling for people invested in the Dylan-Faith-Lev storyline. We've now seen how everyone really feels about everybody else!

Will we see Faith battling between her head and her heart in the future?

KM: “Absolutely. It’s so difficult because Lev is her best friend and her partner and they’ve got their three kids to consider…”

How is does she feel since discovering Lev was unfaithful with a man?

KM: “It’s a real shock for her. She’s very family orientated and now her whole world is being questioned. The rug has been pulled out from underneath but she’s still got to be a mum.

Is there a major sense of loss?

KM: “Yes, she’s just lost her best friend and lost being a wife. Also Lev has lied to her about a massive part of his life and hidden it for such a long time. She’s also feeling the pain of someone she loves, Lev, going through all that, plus the contradiction of what he’s done to her. There are a lot of complicated emotions going on.”

What can Casualty fans expect next?

KM: “It would be easy to go just one way or the other - like she’ll run off with Dylan, or turn to drink - but we’re trying to portray this in a more complex way… what’s in her head. None of these choices are the right choices or the wrong choices and morally Faith contradicts herself in so many ways. I think she is going to go through a process of losing herself to find herself.”

And finally, with socially distant filming in place. Did you have to do your own hair and make-up for this episode of Casualty?

KM: “Yes, even the cuts and everything! The back of our hair is a little tricky… The boys and their haircuts are a problem. I think they’re going to have to shave their heads eventually!”

Casualty continues next Saturday on BBC1 with another dramatic episode involving Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) and Jacob Masters. Check out What’s on TV magazine on Tuesday 28 January 2021 for an exciting exclusive interview with Charles Venn, who plays Jacob.

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