Charles Venn reveals why new Casualty storylines 'have been a long time coming'

Charles is delighted Jacob's new storyline is going to be front and centre in Casualty
Charles is delighted Jacob's new storyline is going to be front and centre in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Charles Venn reveals the reason why nurse Jacob Masters' Casualty storyline with Ellen Thomas was pushed back until now!

This week’s Casualty is an episode full of hard truths. On her last day in the ED, consultant Elle Gardner (Jaye Griffiths) finds out clinical lead Connie Beauchamp pulled strings to get her moved to another hospital.

Paramedic Ruby Sparks (Maddy Hill) realises there’s now no denying that Dani Mallison is stalking her. But perhaps it’s nurse Jacob Master’s (Charles Venn) discovery about his mother’s life that is most unsettling…

Here we talk to Charles Venn about his major new Casualty storyline involving hard-hitting home truths for Jacob…

Jacob’s storylines are heating up again! Are you excited?

Charles Venn: "Absolutely, it’s been a long time coming. When we first saw Jacob’s mother Omo [in this September 2018 episode] we got more of an insight into Jacob’s past. The plan was always to continue that story – but then along came Strictly Come Dancing and that slowed everything down. I was really excited when I started reading the scripts and seeing what was planned. They don't disappoint!

Can you explain the unusual way Omo comes back into Jacob's life?

CV: "A patient comes into the ED and has some medication with Jacob’s mother’s name on it! Jacob’s completely baffled and angered. He finds the patient and questions him on how he got this from Omo – only for the patient to reveal he didn’t get it from an old woman but a from a young lady!"

What does Jacob think at this point?

CV: "He’s wondering what in the world is going on! He goes to his mother’s house but when he knocks on the door this young woman called Jet opens up the door to him. Jacob asks for Omo (Ellen Thomas) only for Jet to tell him his mother doesn’t want to see him and that she’s looking after her now."

How does Jacob react?

CV: "Jacob thinks it’s nonsense so he makes his way into the house. Then to his disgust and disappointment Omo cooperates with Jet. And all the while we see Jet staring daggers at Jacob. It’s apparent she has some kind of hold over Omo…"

Seroca Davis who plays Jet is chilling and convincing!

CV: "Seroca does a tremendous job playing Jet. It was fantastic casting to get her involved in this storyline. She’s wonderful. There is almost no acting required once the cameras roll and she’s staring daggers with her piercing eyes!"

It’s fantastic to see Ellen Thomas back in the role of Omo Masters too…

CV: "I love her! She’s an amazing woman and an amazing actress. She brings it every time with this staunch, strong and stubborn woman, who is fragile too. I’m excited these episodes are finally hitting our screens!"

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Casualty airs on BBC1 on Saturday at 9.10pm

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