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Charlotte Eaton: It was amazing to film with one of my idols, John Challis, on Benidorm (VIDEO)

Charlotte Eaton says it was amazing to work with one of her idols, John Challis, AKA Boycie from Only Fools and Horses, on the latest series of Benidorm.

Charlotte told What's on TV: "I've got a scene coming up with Danny [Walters, who plays Tiger] and John Challis, in the last episode, which was amazing to film, because John Challis is one of my idols. I loved Only Fools and Horses... So me and Danny have quite a funny little storyline coming up where we have to go and meet him, so that was just a brilliant day."

John rocks up this Friday playing a very dodgy property developer called Monty Evans.

Charlotte revealed plenty more about her experiences filming the popular ITV comedy, including going on a night out in Benidorm for real with her Dyke family co-stars Danny and Perry Benson (Clive), as well as how she saw plenty of holidaymakers in Benidorm just like Aunt Terri.

Watch our exclusive interview with Charlotte: