Claim to Fame: Chuck Norris' grandson exposed as a cheater

Pepper and Maxwell on Claim to Fame
Pepper and Maxwell on Claim to Fame (Image credit: ABC/John Fleenor)

In America in the 80s, when it came to action movies and stars, one of the top names in the industry was Chuck Norris. Mr. Walker, Texas Ranger himself struck a chord with TV and film audiences as the no-nonsense hero that could leave even the toughest onscreen villain trembling in fear. With that said, we're shocked to learn that not only did Norris have a relative on the new series Claim to Fame, but that the relative was the first one to be eliminated. For cheating. 

The relative in question is the actor’s grandson, Maxwell Norris. 

Chuck Norris smiling

Chuck Norris smiling  (Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Despite rumors on Twitter, Maxwell proved not to be a relative of legendary director Steven Spielberg, the two men just happen to share similar features.  

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So just why was Maxwell disqualified? Well, given the nature of the competition series (contestants trying to guess one another's famous relatives) and the power of Google, it makes complete sense that Claim to Fame contestants wouldn’t be allowed to have electronic devices during their time on the show. 

Maxwell clearly wasn’t a fan of this rule, because producers caught him using a secret cell phone. In a house that’s set up like Big Brother, we can’t imagine how Maxwell thought he would be able to get away with the rule violation. 

Perhaps the comical part of the whole incident, is that Maxwell was going to be safe from elimination because fellow contestant Pepper was preparing to incorrectly name Maxwell as a relative of Steven Spielberg (again, the two aren’t related). The wrong guess would have sent her home instead. 

If you’re wondering how Chuck felt about his grandson getting eliminated from the competition for cheating on the first night, we presently can’t tell you. As reported on Yahoo, Maxwell had yet to inform his grandfather that he was even doing the show, let alone that he was the first to be eliminated. 

We wonder how that conversation will actually go down. Do you think a little Walker will come out as Chuck lectures his grandson on the pitfalls of cheating? 

Fans react to Maxwell Norris being disqualified

Take a look at how fans felt about Maxwell being the first one to be eliminated. 

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