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Claim to Fame season 1: next episode, trailer and everything we know about the Kevin Jonas series

Kevin and Frankie Jonas wearing sunglasses on Claim to Fame season 1
Kevin and Frankie Jonas wearing sunglasses on Claim to Fame season 1 (Image credit: ABC/John Fleenor)

From the production company behind Love is Blind and Married at First Sight comes a brand new show hosted by Jonas Brothers member Kevin Jonas and his not-so-known younger brother Frankie. Titled Claim to Fame, the series follows the relatives of several celebrities as they not only live together, but also compete against one another in various challenges to show who they are apart from their famous loved ones. 

In an interesting tidbit, Kevin and Frankie aren’t the only Jonases on TV this summer. Nick Jonas is currently serving as a judge on the NBC reality series Dancing With Myself. It's probably a good thing that their shows don’t air on the same night so they don’t have to concern themselves with a sibling TV rivalry. 

Here’s everything we know about Claim to Fame season 1.  

When is the next Claim to Fame season 1 episode?  

Claim to Fame premiered on Monday, July 11, at 10 pm ET/PT on ABC. In a shocking turn of events, the first person eliminated from the competition was the grandson of legendary action star, Chuck Norris. We still wonder if Chuck Norris is disappointed given his grandson was eliminated because he was actually disqualified for cheating? 

Also, have you seen who fans believe everyone on the cast is related to?  Viewers have some interesting theories, and some have proven to be right. 

Anyway, the next new episode airs on Monday, August 8, at 10 pm ET/PT on ABC, and it is titled "The Domfather Part II." 

Check out a preview clip from the show's Twitter account.  It looks like tonight viewers will be treated to a very interesting conversation about farting. We're not sure how Whoopi Goldberg will feel about this discussion. 

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Be sure you keep up with who has been eliminated from the competition

Claim to Fame premise 

The Claim to Fame house

The Claim to Fame house (Image credit: ABC/Ben Hider)

ABC describes the Claim to Fame premise as the following: 

"Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, this new series challenges 12 celebrity relatives to step outside their famous family members’ shadows and live together under one roof, concealing their identity and lineage in the quest for their own fame and fortune. They will compete in challenges, form alliances and play DNA detective in hopes of avoiding elimination and winning the coveted $100,000 prize, and staking their own 'claim to fame.'"

Claim to Fame hosts 

As we previously mentioned, on Claim to Fame hosting duties is Kevin Jonas. Kevin rose to fame as one of the three members of the popular band Jonas Brothers. He’s also starred in the Jonas series and the Camp Rock movies. 

Hosting alongside Kevin is the youngest brother in the Jonas family, Frankie. Frankie happened to also star in the Jonas series, one of the Camp Rock movies and R.L. Stine's the Haunting Hour.  

Claim to Fame celebrity relatives revealed

Here are all the celebrity relatives revealed so far on Claim to Fame season 1. 

Claim to Fame season 1 trailer 

Claim to Fame certainly appears to be an interesting summer show based on the trailer. Will you be watching? 

Claim to Fame has released a few social media posts, which finally include visuals of the season 1 contestants. Some of these competitors look quite familiar. Do you think you know who they’re related to? 

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How to watch Claim to Fame 

As an ABC series, Claim to Fame is a show that airs live exclusively on the broadcast network. For those that have cut ties with traditional cable/satellite TV, you still have the opportunity to watch the series when it airs using live TV streaming services like Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV. Additionally, episodes become available to stream the day after they air on Hulu.

Now to date, no official plans have been announced as to when the season may begin airing in the UK. However, that doesn’t have to stop fans from tuning in. 

Would-be viewers in the UK may want to consider utilizing a virtual private network. A VPN is a tool that enables consumers from anywhere in the world to watch content from other countries by accessing servers from the country of origin. Essentially, a VPN routes network traffic through a specific set of servers in a specific country, allowing viewers to watch content on an encrypted feed over a computer.

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